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H@llo Gays,Welcome to watchTWD 8 season’s Episode 3, titles, ‘The Damned’ is going to air on 5 Movember at 9 p.m. EST on AMC, in the US. This season will air weekly until 17th December. There are going to be eight more episodes from February.

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Sunday’s new The Walking Dead episode sounds like the season could go horribly wrong right out of the gate, at least if you read AMC‘s synopsis of The Walking Deadseason 8’s next chapter.

Season 8, Episode 2 is called “The Damned,” which doesn’t inspired confidence in any way, shape or form. Who is the title referring to? Is somebody else going to be on the chopping block already? Because it’s not as if this show has any problems getting rid of people

But it gets even more disconcerting once you get into the description of what happens in “The Damned.” According to AMC, the next Walking Dead episode involves the start of a plan (which is, presumably, to overthrow Negan; we don’t see them planning a community picnic). And then we will see a “familiar face” for Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln). Who could that possibly be?

Is he going to see his dead wife Lori? After all, we thought Sarah Wayne Callies was dead on FOX‘s Prison Break and then it turned out not so much. Or will the series bring back another foe that Rick has to deal with in addition to Negan? Maybe a character we forgot about who’s simply been hiding in the background this whole time?

There are just so many ways The Walking Dead could make this very bad news for Rick, and we’ll have to wait until Sunday to see who the new arrival actually is. Make sure that you don’t miss “The Damned.”